The word eallergyf is commonly used nowadays, but I would likely to study it beginning from the basics. Atopy is called ea strange diseasef and is considered to have various causes. I believe that chemical sensitivity may cause the facial symptoms of atopic dermatitis. Atopic red face may possibly be a symptom of contact dermatitis resulting from chemical sensitivity.

One characteristic of urticaria is the itchy wheal. Urticaria suddenly appears on various parts of the body. This is said to be the result of an antigen antibody reaction, but I think some additional other factors must be considered when analyzing its pathogenesis.

The disease entity echemical sensitivityf is now receiving attention from the media. It used to be called esick-house diseasef. Chemical substances that are no harm to most people are the causes of lingering skin diseases for those who have atopic diathesis. I believe that the chemical sensitivity experienced by some atopic patients is triggered by electromagnetic waves.




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